The Orange Years (w/ Scott Barber) - Pink Denim, Two Iagos & a Dylan McKay Rip Off

 Y’all, we’ve got a special episode! Erika and Paul sit down (virtually) with Scott Barber, co-director of the upcoming documentary The Orange Years, which tracks the rise of Nickelodeon. If you grew up loving You Can’t Do That On Television, and Clarissa Explains It All, and Are You Afraid of The Dark? you won’t want to miss the film, coming out November 17th (and available for pre-order right now)! After that chat, Scott joins us to take you through the forgotten Nickelodeon gem Fifteen, starring a very young Ryan Reynolds in the role he has said almost made him quit acting.

Want to pre-order The Orange Years (you should!)? Here's where you can do that!