Sister Act - Apostles, Bird Calls & a Purple Mink Coat

Newsies - Soul Punches, Noo Yawk Accents & a Character We All Definitely Care About

American Psycho - Douche Bros, Business Cards & a Stray Kitten

The Mirror Has Two Faces (w/ Tom Zohar) - Prime Numbers, Lesbian Orgy Dreams & a Dude In A Loose Tank Top

Jumpin’ Jack Flash - Brooches, Rolling Stones Films & a Ham On Wry

The Matrix - Renegade Computer Hackers, Penis Enlargement & a Wet Sneeze

Raising Arizona - Good Babies, Cartoon Faces & a JUGGS Headline

Solarbabies - Car Cigarette Lighters, Skateball & a Tom Of Finland Bottom

Robin Hood: Men In Tights - 90s References, Crown Hair & a Circumcision Guillotine

Drop Dead Fred - Chaos Leprechauns, River Condominiums & a Food Court Concert

The Muppet Show with Liza Minnelli! - Story Songs, Hee-Nee-Us Crimes & a Dresser Named Gladys

Appointment With Death - Medicinal Poison, Throuples & a Wardress