Beauty and The Beast - Booksellers, Philippe & a Punitive Enchantress

The Last Unicorn - Pigeon Sh*t, Scr*t*m-T*ts & a Castle Made Of D*cks

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - LA Public Transportation, Pattycaking & a Harvey Joke

An American Tail - Demon Cats, Cossacks & an Aggressively French Pigeon

Married To The Mob - Florida Ugly, Raccoon Tails & a Nobel Prize For Set Design

Scarface - Rage Blackouts, Cuban Cockney & a Literal Mountain Of Cocaine

My Blue Heaven - Baseball Euphemisms, Arugula & a System For Eating Pancakes

Goodfellas - Nicknames, Gold-Accented Awfulness & a Whore In 2R

Meet Joe Black, Part Two - Cake, Lovemaking & A Lemming In Full Sprint

Meet Joe Black, Part One - Honey, Nice Billionaires & a Disembodied Voice

Titanic, Part Two - History Lessons, Spicer Lovejoy & an Iceberg Named Destiny

Titanic, Part One - Foreshadowing, Treasure Hunters & a Bunch of Poors Dancing A Jig