The Karate Kid - Creepy Group Costumes, Inert Gases & a Manic Pixie Dream Dad

Muriel’s Wedding - Australian Accents, Accidental Shoplifting & a Very Long-Lasting Lipstick

Peggy Sue Got Married - Wizards, Rat Puke & a Terminal Case of Movie-Induced Impotence

Fatal Attraction - Vats of Acid, Ellen Foley & a House That Guilt Bought

St. Elmo’s Fire - Saxophone Solos, Haunted Vaginas & a Homoerotic Nike Mural

Switch (w/ Breeda Wool) - Barbershop Porn, Indoor Hot Tubs & a Punch In The Pants

Practical Magic - Stirring Spells, Porch Tequila & a Very Brief Resurrection

Trick - Satyricon, Actors With A Capital “A” & a Jack Russell On The Fire Escape

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Tumbling Runs, Revenge Plots & a Nun On A Pommel Horse

Mannequin - Department Store Windows, Olestra & a Memo from HR

Clue - The Buddy System, Socialists & a Phone Call from J. Edgar Hoover

Teen Witch - Murder Shacks, The Chandler Bing Trio & a Bottle of Squirt