Valley Of The Dolls - Best Friends, Spahkles & a Dame Who Can Prove It

Pillow Talk - Party Lines, Communal Dip & a Safety Helmet With A Butt

Sunset Boulevard - Shrines, Vicuñas & a Husband Suite

The Wizard Of Oz - Bikes, Bisexual Kings & a Monkey In a Bolero Jacket

Halloween - Topless Hairbrushing, Teleportation & a Good Moment To Panic

Tremors - Pylons, Famous Foursomes & an Anxious Sheep

Psycho - Bad Liars, Taxidermists & a La Quinta Inn Mudpit

Casper - Surprise Therapy, Chocolate Syrup & a Tennis Ball On A Stick

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (Hush) - Jump Scares, Wicca Groups & an Accidental Orgy

Law & Order: SVU (Ballerina) - Ear Prints, Tongue Jobs & an Unrelated Meat Cleaver

Will & Grace (Season One) - Brown Suits, Network Suits & a Visceral Reaction To A Haircut

The Golden Girls (Season One) - Shrimp, Hog Liniment & A Pretty Nice Petunia