The Secret Of My Success - Montages, Corporate Speak & a Very Randy Auntie Vera

Face/Off - Tongue Sucking, Guantanatraz & a Couple of Weird Sibling Relationships

The Orange Years (w/ Scott Barber) - Pink Denim, Two Iagos & a Dylan McKay Rip Off

10 Things I Hate About You - Selena Montgomery, School Assigned Buddies & a Date For Thai Food

Speed - Confusing Ransom Demands, Elevator Bullies & a 50-Foot Chasm

Hocus Pocus - Animatronic Black Cats, Satan’s Super Bowl Parties & an Extremely Large Kiln

The Monster Squad - Dynamite, Magic Pizza Slices & a Transylvanian Rose Nylund

The Witches - Bogvumpers, Sensible Spinsters & a Prescription for a Summer By the Sea

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - Johnny Flamingo, Edible Underwear & a Morality Club Picnic/Orgy

The Mask - Driftwood, Surprising Subversions & a Charity Ball for War Orphans

The Karate Kid - Creepy Group Costumes, Inert Gases & a Manic Pixie Dream Dad

Muriel’s Wedding - Australian Accents, Accidental Shoplifting & a Very Long-Lasting Lipstick