Howard The Duck - Duck Nipples, Straight Bath Houses & a Meat Slushie

Flash Gordon - Hot Hail, Elaborate Tombstones & a Superstar Quarterback For The New York Jets

She-Devil - Flouncing, Love Buttons & an Indoor Pool with F*ck Tent

Showgirls, Part Two - Thrusting, Nipple Ice & a Woman Named Gay

Showgirls, Part One - Secret Lesbians, Lip Gloss & a Tsunami Of Ketchup

Love Actually - Christmas Pop Songs, Weekday Weddings & an Avalanche Of Characters

Happy Holidays - International Reviews, Holiday Movie Pitches & a Moment Of Sincerity

The Ref - Dive Bars, Sex Sand & a Nautical Getaway

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Alliterative Aliases, Christmas Parades & a Chipper Amnesiac

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - Ice Javelins, Cereal Varnish & a Tree In Your Nook

Rebel Without A Cause - Constellations, Chickens & a Man In An Apron

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner - Snapple Facts, Last Minute RSVPS & a Queso Fundido Emergency