Serial Mom - Pussy Willows, PTA Meetings & a Bathroom Shish Kabob

Soapdish - Cold Compresses, Joy Vampires & a Play/Steakhouse

Happy New Year! - Hepburn, Bracco & a New Year’s Eve Meditation

Babes In Toyland - Fellating Cincinnati, Distilled Evil & a Two and a Half Hour Director’s Cut

Happy Holidays! - Episode Titles, Trivia Quizzes & a Sad Trombone

Batman Returns - Dirty Limericks, Unforgiving Codpieces & an Army of Radicalized Penguins

Lethal Weapon - Egg Nog, Sax Riffs & an Impromptu Mud Brawl

Never Been Kissed - 21 Jump Streeting, Personal Hygiene & a Penis Named Rufus

Center Stage - Neck Kisses, Onstage Motorcycles & an Evil Genius

The Secret Of My Success - Montages, Corporate Speak & a Very Randy Auntie Vera

Face/Off - Tongue Sucking, Guantanatraz & a Couple of Weird Sibling Relationships

The Orange Years (w/ Scott Barber) - Pink Denim, Two Iagos & a Dylan McKay Rip Off