The Sopranos - Ducks, Gabagools & a Chode Named Nils

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Long Distance Parenting, Personal Cornfields & a Scrotum That Walks

Happy Holidays!

A Christmas Story - Christmas Caroling, Fuuuudge & a Gay Cowboy Outfit

Go - Scott Baby Bonobo, Buffet Shrimp & a Telepathic Cat

Mixed Nuts - Fruitcake, Wall Artists & a Brown-Haired Steve Martin

Adventures In Babysitting - Land Yachts, Sesame Plexor & a Key Party At The Parkers

Home For the Holidays - Peak McDermott, Sneezing & an Oversized Magenta Coat

Single White Female - Bloody Dresses, Athletic Masturbation & a Smorgasbord of Idiocies

When Harry Met Sally… - Ordering Technique, Fake Orgasms & a Wagon Wheel Coffee Table

The Big Lebowski - White Russians, Coke Nails & a Check for 69 Cents

Transylvania 6-5000 - Crotch Grabs, Socialized Medicine & a Hard Boiled Egg Guillotine