Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner - Snapple Facts, Last Minute RSVPS & a Queso Fundido Emergency

Midnight Cowboy - Tutti Fruttis, Kazoo Play & a Caponata On Toast

Breakfast At Tiffany’s - Death Announcements, Rusty Trawlers & a Nice Slab of Grade-A American Beef

Scream - Squelching, Useless Curfews & a Le Creuset Armory

The ‘Burbs - Witchcraft Checks, Rolling Explosions & a Toy Poodle Named Queenie

The Secret Of NIMH - Plowing, Cat Slander & a Magical Rat Elder

Misery - Highpoint Coffee, Competent Police Work & a COCK-A-DOODY CAR

Ghostbusters - Dieting Tips, Free-Floating Weirdness & a Villainous EPA

Wall Street - Steak Tartare, Apex Predators & a Pit Of Moral Decrepitude

You’ve Got Mail - Perfect Comebacks, Insane Food Choices & a Dog Named Brinkley

Maid To Order - Dumpster Booties, Cute Racists & a Bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau

Office Space - Flair, Celebrity Name Twins & a Case Of The Mondays