9 ½ Weeks - Real Estate Porn, Red Flags & a Clinically Stupid Person

Basic Instinct - Ice Picks, Power Moves & a Bart Simpson Keychain

Road House - Warrior Poets, Cashed Stupidity Checks & a Masculinity Self-Own

The Mask Of Zorro - Revenge, Spanish Accents & a Horse Named Erika

Big Trouble In Little China - Puppets, Elemental Masters & a Fetching Cobalt Robe

Independence Day - Crop Dusting, Evil Squidward & a Pointless Alien Abduction Story

Maurice - Wah-JEE-nahs, Strokeable Hair & an Epidemic Of Terrible Mustaches

Chasing Amy - Fence Posts, Buy-Sexuals & a Fold-In Technique Situation

The Broken Hearts Club - Saplings, Gay Numbers & a Crunchy NSYNC Gel Thing

Bound - Character Names, Thin Walls & an Ominous Zoom In On A Redial Button

BONUS - Once In a Lifetime (with Suzanne Mattaboni)

The Legend Of Billie Jean - Invincible, Swimmin’ Holes & an Abandoned Mini Golf Course