Dawson’s Creek - Size Queens, Common Household Chores & a Suspected Serial Killer

Felicity - Yearbook Messages, College Advisors & a Geek That Looks Like Scott Foley

Party Of Five - Moody Dogs, Monster Nannies & a Junior High Production of The Crucible

Die Hard - Lenient Drug Policies, Ugly Thor & a Christmas Eve Bacchanal

Home Alone - Phone Logic, Basement Mannequins & 11 Trips to the Hospital

Sleepless In Seattle - Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches, Beige & a NYC Valentine’s Day

Point Break- Surfer Names, Shoddy Police Work & a Hollow “NOOOOO!”

Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom - First Crushes, Missing Children & a Discussion On How the Sausage Is Made

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Minnesota Accents, Erotica Writers & a Funny Mushroom Cloud

The Princess Bride - Medieval Crimping Irons, TyrDink & a Torture Device In Beta Testing

Waiting To Exhale - Ostrich Festivals, Saxophone Solos & a Blind Date on New Year’s Eve

Teen Wolf - Vice Principals, Teenage Bacchanals & a Thriller Conga Line