Freeway - BJ Pricing, Bathroom Guns & a Racism Test

Mermaids - Icons, Fallen Nuns & a Perfect American Accent

Jawbreaker - Cunny Tongue, Big Sticks & an Audio Greeting Card

Lean On Me - High School Songs, High School Mascots & a Glorious Leader

Can’t Buy Me Love - Rico Suave, Paula Abdul Songs & a Vat Of Arizona Chunky Wine

Election - Juicy Fruit, Awkward Sex & an Errant Container Of Shrimp Lo Mein

Little Shop of Horrors - Peplums, Racquetballs & a Surprise Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Fame - The Body Electric, Faux-to Ricans & a Hot Lunch

Aladdin - Loyal Tigers, Kleptomaniac Monkeys & a Parrot From Queens

Grease 2 - Son of Grease, Mechanophilia & a Pillow-Lipped Adonis

The Sandlot - Indoor Kids, The Peffercorn Incident & a Never-Ending Baseball Game

Varsity Blues - The Physics of Whipped Cream, Foreshadowing & a Pig Named Bacon