Troop Beverly Hills - Evian Water, Cookie Time & A Goddess/Icon

Grosse Pointe Blank - Couch Insurance, Soup Base & a Red Brick Hogwarts

The First Wives Club - Bvlgari Pearls, Transient Alcoholism & a Classic Six on the Upper West Side

Starship Troopers - Bug Goo, Inappropriate Promotions & a Beautiful Dumb-Dumb

Empire Records - Teenage Girls, Listening Booths & a Very Brief Speed Addiction

Bringing Down the House - Dame Joan Plowright, LA Driving Tests & a Scrotal Crushing

Indecent Proposal - Hippos, Projectiles & a $10,000 Poker Chip

Sex & the City - Skippy, Basketball Scenes & an Electric Toothbrush

The Cutting Edge - Toe Picks, Lederhosen & an Amazing Sit Spin

A League Of Their Own - Unnecessary Playoffs, Red Hats & a Less Creepy Pepe Le Pew

Hackers - Rollerblades, The DaVinci Virus & a Sparkly Pink Kitten Shirt

She’s All That - Dance Breaks, Freestyle Raps & a Performance Art Piece with a Hacky Sack