The Muppet Christmas Carol - Bed Curtains, Penguin Noises & a Perfect Michael Caine

Edward Scissorhands - Water Beds, Butter Cookies & an Ambrosia Salad

While You Were Sleeping - Rom-Com Paraphernalia, High School Beards & a Supernova Of Charm

Valley Of The Dolls - Best Friends, Spahkles & a Dame Who Can Prove It

Pillow Talk - Party Lines, Communal Dip & a Safety Helmet With A Butt

Sunset Boulevard - Shrines, Vicuñas & a Husband Suite

The Wizard Of Oz - Bikes, Bisexual Kings & a Monkey In a Bolero Jacket

Halloween - Topless Hairbrushing, Teleportation & a Good Moment To Panic

Tremors - Pylons, Famous Foursomes & an Anxious Sheep

Psycho - Bad Liars, Taxidermists & a La Quinta Inn Mudpit

Casper - Surprise Therapy, Chocolate Syrup & a Tennis Ball On A Stick

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (Hush) - Jump Scares, Wicca Groups & an Accidental Orgy

Law & Order: SVU (Ballerina) - Ear Prints, Tongue Jobs & an Unrelated Meat Cleaver

Will & Grace (Season One) - Brown Suits, Network Suits & a Visceral Reaction To A Haircut

The Golden Girls (Season One) - Shrimp, Hog Liniment & A Pretty Nice Petunia

BONUS - We’re Not Worthy (with Jason Klamm)

The Wedding Singer - Surprise Buscemi, Banana Splits & an English 20

Romancing The Stone - Mudslides, Middle Initials & a Mousy Virgin

Boomerang - Twizzers, Drawers & a Team Of Teutonic Studs

My Best Friend’s Wedding - Red Flags, Cool Girls & an Embroidered Vest Situation

Superman - Chemistry, Magic & a Climate Crisis

Forrest Gump - Jenny’s Sisters, Southern Accents & a One Milk Dud

Con Air - Love Letters, Head Bonnets & a Conveniently Placed Crane

Charlie’s Angels - Amazon Trivia, Moonwalking & an Irish Setter

Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Booby-Trap Resets, Inflation & a Peter Luger Movie

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sexual Awakenings, Well-Hung Davids & a Reasonably Open-Minded Cisgender White Dude

Kissing Jessica Stein - Bodega Cat, Gay-tekeeping & a Wilting Double Peplum

Beautiful Thing - Body Shop Peppermint Lotion, British Rainbows & a Sticky Wicket

Fried Green Tomatoes - Candy Bars, Fake-Out Deaths & a Rolling Pin

Beauty and The Beast - Booksellers, Philippe & a Punitive Enchantress

The Last Unicorn - Pigeon Sh*t, Scr*t*m-T*ts & a Castle Made Of D*cks

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - LA Public Transportation, Pattycaking & a Harvey Joke

An American Tail - Demon Cats, Cossacks & an Aggressively French Pigeon

Married To The Mob - Florida Ugly, Raccoon Tails & a Nobel Prize For Set Design

Scarface - Rage Blackouts, Cuban Cockney & a Literal Mountain Of Cocaine

My Blue Heaven - Baseball Euphemisms, Arugula & a System For Eating Pancakes

Goodfellas - Nicknames, Gold-Accented Awfulness & a Whore In 2R

Meet Joe Black, Part Two - Cake, Lovemaking & A Lemming In Full Sprint

Meet Joe Black, Part One - Honey, Nice Billionaires & a Disembodied Voice

Titanic, Part Two - History Lessons, Spicer Lovejoy & an Iceberg Named Destiny

Titanic, Part One - Foreshadowing, Treasure Hunters & a Bunch of Poors Dancing A Jig

Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion - Annoying Speeches, Flaccid Pranks & a 15-Minute Dream Sequence

Howard The Duck - Duck Nipples, Straight Bath Houses & a Meat Slushie

Flash Gordon - Hot Hail, Elaborate Tombstones & a Superstar Quarterback For The New York Jets

She-Devil - Flouncing, Love Buttons & an Indoor Pool with F*ck Tent

Showgirls, Part Two - Thrusting, Nipple Ice & a Woman Named Gay

Showgirls, Part One - Secret Lesbians, Lip Gloss & a Tsunami Of Ketchup