The Mirror Has Two Faces (w/ Tom Zohar) - Prime Numbers, Lesbian Orgy Dreams & a Dude In A Loose Tank Top

Jumpin’ Jack Flash - Brooches, Rolling Stones Films & a Ham On Wry

The Matrix - Renegade Computer Hackers, Penis Enlargement & a Wet Sneeze

Raising Arizona - Good Babies, Cartoon Faces & a JUGGS Headline

Solarbabies - Car Cigarette Lighters, Skateball & a Tom Of Finland Bottom

Robin Hood: Men In Tights - 90s References, Crown Hair & a Circumcision Guillotine

Drop Dead Fred - Chaos Leprechauns, River Condominiums & a Food Court Concert

The Muppet Show with Liza Minnelli! - Story Songs, Hee-Nee-Us Crimes & a Dresser Named Gladys

Appointment With Death - Medicinal Poison, Throuples & a Wardress

L.A. Confidential - 50s Slurs, Unchecked Boxes & a Rage Monster

Columbo - Slapping, Wrist Acting & a Subtle Legend

So I Married An Axe Murderer - Health Code Violations, Direct Address Poetry & an Itinerant Butcher

Xanadu - Wizards, Hotness Levels & a Roller Disco Impresario

Spice World - Lead Singers, Cameos & a Teacup Pig

Desperately Seeking Susan - Hot Tub Salesmen, Sidewalk Couches & an East Village Vintage Shop

Purple Rain - Masks, Puppets & a Vampire Ventriloquist

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - Manic Panic, Technical Brain Damage & a Four Hour Car Ride

Collateral - Jazz, Unanswered Questions & a Neon Silver Suit

The Notebook - Summer Romances, Cotton Money & a Very Busy Dress

Mean Girls - Deep Benches, First Day Donuts & a Jacqueline Of All Trades