Die Hard - Lenient Drug Policies, Ugly Thor & a Christmas Eve Bacchanal

Home Alone - Phone Logic, Basement Mannequins & 11 Trips to the Hospital

Sleepless In Seattle - Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches, Beige & a NYC Valentine’s Day

Point Break- Surfer Names, Shoddy Police Work & a Hollow “NOOOOO!”

Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom - First Crushes, Missing Children & a Discussion On How the Sausage Is Made

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Minnesota Accents, Erotica Writers & a Funny Mushroom Cloud

The Princess Bride - Medieval Crimping Irons, TyrDink & a Torture Device In Beta Testing

Waiting To Exhale - Ostrich Festivals, Saxophone Solos & a Blind Date on New Year’s Eve

Teen Wolf - Vice Principals, Teenage Bacchanals & a Thriller Conga Line

The Addams Family - Finger Traps, Splash Zones & a Homemade Electric Chair

Gremlins - Dragon Breath, Microwave Explosions & a Miniature Chainsaw

The Craft - Paranormal Porn, Abandoned Couches & a Chalice of Hepatitis Sangria

Shakespeare In Love - Bubbies, Unexpected Affleck & an Elizabethan Twelve

Weekend At Bernie's - BoyKnee, Corpse Work & a Kick to the ‘Nads

Cruel Intentions - Journals, Contraceptive Pants & a Little Red Riding Hoodie

Back To The Future - Plutonium, Peeping Toms & an Oedipal Nightmare

Straight Up - Getting Punched By a Dream Wolf

Saved By the Bell - Locker Room Harmonies

Aerosmith - The Aliciad

90210 - Magical Spanish, Insurance Fraud & a Banana Daiquiri

Ghost - Jukeboxes, Shirtless Men & a Psychic Cat

Interview with the Vampire - Poodles, Flaming Mansions & a Black Hole of Nothingness

Terminator 2 - Austrian Accents, Robot Genitalia & a Thumbs Up

Four Weddings and a Funeral - Receiving Lines, Fabulous Waistcoats & a Wedding Dress Fitting

The Lion King - Feudal Systems, Guncles & a Distracting Drag Brunch

Tootsie - Beefsteak Tomatoes, Broadway Auditions & a Fictitious Soap Opera

Clueless - Technical Virgins, Background Nose Jobs & a Practice Jeep

Death Becomes Her - Mirrors, Frosting & a Trio of Floating Nuns

Coming to America - Quarterstaves, Rose Petals & a Normal American Student

Wayne's World - Commercialization, Cavity Searches & an Alice Cooper Concert

Romeo + Juliet - Explosions, Casual Dueling & a Priest with a Full Back Tattoo

Steel Magnolias - Nancy Beth, Marshall & an Armadillo Groom's Cake

Weird Science - Ballistic Missiles, Pink Cadillacs & a Mutant Biker Gang

Friends (Season 1)- Sweet'n Low, Gay Panic & a Ridiculously Expensive Crystal Duck

The Bodyguard - Contract Killers, Real Estate Porn & a Blood Spattered Oscar Envelope

Risky Business - Dream Sequences, Young Republicans & a Steuben Glass Egg

Working Girl - Hairspray, Eyeshadow & a $6000 Dress

The Lost Boys - Linen Dusters, Sexy Sax Men & a Bedazzled Bottle of Wine

Pulp Fiction - Pop Tarts, Gold Watches & a Five Dollar Milkshake

Pretty Woman - Culottes, Mid-Week Polo Matches & the Love Story of Jessica and Alfonso

Heathers - Sword Fights, Croquet & a Postcard of Joan Crawford

Madonna - Fan Flips, Cone Bras & the Greatest Stalker Anthem of All Time

Big - Superhero Children, Giant Toy Pianos & a Glorious Soho Loft

American Beauty - Blinking, Boob Jobs & a $2000 Bag of Weed

The Breakfast Club - Changing Hairstyles, Ginormous Libraries & a Pretentious David Bowie Quote

The Little Mermaid - Sharks, Norwegian Style Immigration & a Hot, Dumb Prince

American Pie - Transitional Art Pieces, Czechoslovakia & Rough Puff Pastry

Dirty Dancing - Cardiologists, Training Montages & a Brief Moment of Side Butt Nudity

Reality Bites - Garbage People, Cigarettes & a Celebration Inside an AIDS Clinic

Overboard - Tofutti Klein, Gaddafi Chic & A Barrel of Stagnant Rainwater

As Good As It Gets - Brandon Tartikoff, Randall Batinkoff & a Charlie Horse to the Soul

In & Out - Andrew Christian, Gay Spartacus & a Stevie Nicks Spin

Splash - Mermaids, Mythology & a 12" Penis