Happy Holidays!

A Christmas Story - Christmas Caroling, Fuuuudge & a Gay Cowboy Outfit

Go - Scott Baby Bonobo, Buffet Shrimp & a Telepathic Cat

Mixed Nuts - Fruitcake, Wall Artists & a Brown-Haired Steve Martin

Adventures In Babysitting - Land Yachts, Sesame Plexor & a Key Party At The Parkers

Home For the Holidays - Peak McDermott, Sneezing & an Oversized Magenta Coat

Single White Female - Bloody Dresses, Athletic Masturbation & a Smorgasbord of Idiocies

When Harry Met Sally… - Ordering Technique, Fake Orgasms & a Wagon Wheel Coffee Table

The Big Lebowski - White Russians, Coke Nails & a Check for 69 Cents

Transylvania 6-5000 - Crotch Grabs, Socialized Medicine & a Hard Boiled Egg Guillotine

Bram Stoker’s Dracula - Boring Voice Overs, Blood Cannons & a Whore of Darkness

The Silence of the Lambs - Prop Semen, Second Dinners & a Lady Dress

Beetlejuice - Handbooks, Shrimp Cocktail & a Pervier Humperdinck

The Goonies - Rich Stuff, Screaming & an Unnecessary Case of Asthma

Mrs. Doubtfire - Cake Icing, Chest Hair & a Very Sweaty Bodysuit

Footloose - Woody, Tractor Chicken & a Good Old Fashioned Book Burnin’

The Mummy - MacGuffins, Random Cats & the Smurfette of 1929

Big Business - Yodeling, Push Presents & a Professional Cow

Ace Ventura - Beepers, Porking & a Malicious Imp

Jurassic Park - Laura Dern: Tomb Raider, Low Rent Indiana Jones & a Swashbuckling Mathematician

16 Candles - Tire Irons, Nut Huggers & an Unfamiliar Species of Nerd

Can’t Stop The Music - PG-Rated Penises, Pastasexuals & a Sexy Game of This Little Piggy

But I’m A Cheerleader - Alternate Podcast Titles, Van Slander & the Masturbation Rodeo

To Wong Foo… - Fairy Dust, Time Travel & a $5 Rick James Wig

The Object of My Affection - Surrogate Orgasms, George Bernard Shaw Scholars & a Warning for Straight Women

Moonlighting - Super Mario, Henchman Nipples & a Turducken of Nonsense

Murder By Death - Cordial Invitations, Pornographic Bibles & a Black Mesh Onesie

The Talented Mr. Ripley - Snooty Accents, Bathtub Chess & an Avatar of Dionysus

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Wind Chimes, Floor Ice & a Fifth-Billed Julianne Moore

Murder, She Wrote - The Mushrooms, Miss Emma & a Harbinger of Death

Grease - Rydell High Men’s Gymnastics, Saran Wrap & an Unacceptable Caricature

The Fifth Element - Miss Piggy, Liza Minnelli & a Sentient Ball of Evil Fire

Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Knockwurst, Weird Cameos & a Field Trip to the Morgue

Legally Blonde - Dog Humor, Punchable Faces & a Snake Oil Saleswoman

True Lies - Sleazebags, Tangos & a Horse In an Elevator

Short Circuit - Marital Aids, Unisex Mullets & an Ick Cake

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Chaos Demons, Secret Ninjas & a Good, Logical Educator

Untamed Heart - Nice Nuns, Rocket Ship Bedsheets & a Surprise Christmas Tree

Who’s That Girl? - Hunks, The Golden Arches & a Patagonian Felis

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Meaty Tucks, Cake Pillows & a Flip-Flop Dress

Labyrinth - Oubliettes, Sex Positive Lobsters & a Strong Horse Girl Energy

Demolition Man - Questionable Spanish, ThermoChecks & a Finite Amount of Bullets

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead - Grunion, Petty Cash & a 48 Hour Orgasm

9 to 5 - Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda & an Angel Named Dolly Parton

The West Wing - $5 Pornography, Post-Coital Weed & a Pager Mix Up

Serial Mom - Pussy Willows, PTA Meetings & a Bathroom Shish Kabob

Soapdish - Cold Compresses, Joy Vampires & a Play/Steakhouse