Maurice - Wah-JEE-nahs, Strokeable Hair & an Epidemic Of Terrible Mustaches

Chasing Amy - Fence Posts, Buy-Sexuals & a Fold-In Technique Situation

The Broken Hearts Club - Saplings, Gay Numbers & a Crunchy NSYNC Gel Thing

Bound - Character Names, Thin Walls & an Ominous Zoom In On A Redial Button

BONUS - Once In a Lifetime (with Suzanne Mattaboni)

The Legend Of Billie Jean - Invincible, Swimmin’ Holes & an Abandoned Mini Golf Course

Singles - Debbie Country, Garage Door Openers & a Prophylactic-Forward Decade

Trading Places - Croissants, Crepes Suzette & a Whole Side Of Salmon

Freeway - BJ Pricing, Bathroom Guns & a Racism Test

Mermaids - Icons, Fallen Nuns & a Perfect American Accent

Jawbreaker - Cunny Tongue, Big Sticks & an Audio Greeting Card

Lean On Me - High School Songs, High School Mascots & a Glorious Leader

Can’t Buy Me Love - Rico Suave, Paula Abdul Songs & a Vat Of Arizona Chunky Wine

Election - Juicy Fruit, Awkward Sex & an Errant Container Of Shrimp Lo Mein

Little Shop of Horrors - Peplums, Racquetballs & a Surprise Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Fame - The Body Electric, Faux-to Ricans & a Hot Lunch

Aladdin - Loyal Tigers, Kleptomaniac Monkeys & a Parrot From Queens

Grease 2 - Son of Grease, Mechanophilia & a Pillow-Lipped Adonis

The Sandlot - Indoor Kids, The Peffercorn Incident & a Never-Ending Baseball Game

Varsity Blues - The Physics of Whipped Cream, Foreshadowing & a Pig Named Bacon

Jerry Maguire - Wedding Videos, The Hunt for Hunt & a Job In San Diego

Bull Durham - Quickies, Inner Monologues & a Pitch for The Autumn Olympics

Mommie Dearest - Handling The Socks, Celebrity Assistants & a Totally Normal 5th Birthday Party

The X-Files - Coffin Flops, Hypnotherapy & a Corrupt Medical Examiner

Caddyshack - Slut Representation, Baby Ruth Bars & a Bowl of Sugared Cheerios

The Sopranos - Ducks, Gabagools & a Chode Named Nils

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Long Distance Parenting, Personal Cornfields & a Scrotum That Walks